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Products :: industrial brushes:
hand brushes for rust removal Hand brushes for rust removal come in traditional wooden frames, as well as in metal frames used most of the time in welding processes. Brushing with these brushes can precede processes of protecting film application, e.g. cleaning of welds, edge surfaces of an item.
brushes for central heating and bore brushes Brushes for central heating, as well as professional bore brushes are made from straight and corrugated steel wire of round and rectangular intersection. The groups of these brushes constitute a set of brush products required for day-to-day operation and maintenance.
round brushes (turk\'s head type) Turk\'s head brushes with a thread, a hole, an arbor, regular as well as woven, are designated for cleaning broad smooth and curved surfaces of an item. Brushing with these products can precede difficult work processes, e.g. cleaning of welds, removing of scales and grading.
disk brushes Disk brushes with a hole, a thread, an arbor, regular and woven are designated for works in places with difficult access. Brushing with these products can precede connection process and process of application of protecting films.
tound Turk\'s head brushes with an arbor Round Turk\'s head brushes with an arbor are generally designated for cleaning any places with particularly difficult access, e.g. inside interlace and non-interlace holes of an item being cleaned. Can be used for cleaning off excess rubber, paint and scales.
Strip brushes Strip brushes come in metal frames, i.e. a brush body is made from a carbon strip galvanized on both sides, or a U-shaped stainless steel, and standard type come in wooden frames. Strip brushes are professionally used e.g. in vibropresses, knitting machines and in street sweeping devices.

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