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Products :: chimney accessories:
chimney sweeper’s soot scoop Chimney sweeper’s soot scoop. It has the 3-part folding handgrip (after expansion 60cm), torus-shape brush ø80 mm.
shoulder rabbler Shoulder rabbler (slideway). It is used for guiding a rope around a chimney edges.
chimney sweeper’s hoe Chimney sweeper’s hoe for soot removal. Baker’s hoe – scraper.
push broach set Push broach set, folding (pieces: handle, joint, 1m rod) additional 1m rod.
chimney sweeper’s balls - cast-iron, weight: 0.9kg; 1.3kg; 2,8 kg; 5kg, - rubber, weight: 0.5kg, 1.6kg, - aluminium (for chimney assessment ø120 mm and ø130 mm, - cast-iron and aluminium with holes.
clamping device Clamping device made of steel or brass, it is used for mounting a star-type brush (star brush) in a line set.
rope set Rope set. It consists of: cast-iron ball 1.3kg, chain 30cm; clamping device. It is used for cleaning of a standard chimney.
chain set Chain set. It is a part of the „rope set", it consists of: 35cm chain together with „S" and „C" connectors as well as „O" link.
soot bag Soot bag. The bag is made of a dense, non-inflammable woven PPN and a steel frame, it is suitable for washing.
chimney sweeper's ropes Chimney sweeper's ropes. Tangled rope (4 tangles) ø10mm, lengths: 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 70 m.

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